Sunday, May 21, 2017

Children’s Book Review 

Title: Sparks! Big City Adventure

By Alexander G. Michaels,    George Bozikov [Illustrator] 

The illustrations are bright pastel colors a nice touch, to go along with the story line that has some rhyming intertwined in it. Spark gets lost in New York City/ The Big Apple and Daniel is worried about him and finding him for the kennel show what and adventure Sparks has in finding his way back to the Dog Show.   I’m a lover of animals especially dogs this is a good read for children ages 4-8.

Stars: 5 of 5

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Title:  Pink Bears Go To The Farm [Series Book 5]
By Buddy Bookslayr

- Interesting book   
- Learn counting 1- 6
- Three farm animals  and the sounds each make is mentioned 
- Can be read quickly to children ages 2-4

-       Lacks energy luster
-       Dull text
-       Lack colorful illustrations, images  or background
-       It’s a quick read - that is not delightful reading as a picture book

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