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Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Bullying Prevention Month
Eye Injury Prevention Month
Dental Hygiene Month
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Down Syndrome Awareness Month
Home Eye Safety Month
Physical Therapy Month
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) 

Awareness Month

History of Checkers [continue]

Flowers by Month


For many outdoorsy individuals, October is a true month of joy - cooler nights and bright sunny days, while still the glory of fall blooms.
·         Aster
·         Monkshood
·         Japanese Anemone
·         Chrysanthemum
·         Cyclamen
·         Colchicum
·         Nerine
·         Saxifrage
·         Chinese Lantern

History of Checkers

Checkers happen to be one of the oldest games known to man. It can be traced to the early civilization for the history of checkers. It has not been known about the exact rules of the game at 3000 BC. There was a similar game that used 5x5 board which was known as Alquerque that existed in ancient Egypt and that too at 1400 BC. It was found that the Egyptian version became so popular that it was played by man for thousands of years. After some time an innovative Frenchman planned to play the game on a chess board in the year 1100 AD.  The number of pieces was also increased for each player to 12. This game which got modified was known as “Ferses” or “Fierges.” This was more considered as a women’s social game and hence also termed as, “Le Jeu Plaisant De Dames.” It was later in the course of time that the game was made more challenging where the jumps were made mandatory where it gave birth to a new version.

Checkers are still played in different countries where it proves to be very interesting for all age groups. It is also found in the stores where parents try to give it to their child so as to increase their brain power and mental activity. It really helps a lot in providing the best effects to the mental health as it is one of the most important and useful mind games.  Coming back to the history of the checkers, many books were written on this game as early as the mid-1500s. It was in the year 1756 a treatise was written on draughts by an English mathematician. The game got settled in England and America where it was termed as ‘Dauaghts’ and ‘Checkers’ respectively. 

As years went by, it was found that the game steadily rose in popularity and it was at that time of the year when the award for the first championship was given. It was later noticed that there were certain openings that proved to be more advantageous to one side. This was noticed by game enthusiasts where new rule was implemented in order to begin the game in a random manner.  So for this, it came up with the restrictions of two moves for expert players. However it has been seen that there are three move restrictions that have been prescribed in modern tournament checkers.

It was the year 1952 that proved to be a landmark year when the first checkers program was created by Arthur L. Samuel that was used by a computer. It was found that there lots of improvements which were found for these computer games because of the increase of the computer speed and capacities. It has been found that nowadays the data base information is found to be more relying on where combinations are possibly moved when 10 pieces remain on the board.  Thus it has been found that checkers have entered practically every home through online where the game results were found to be draw or even defeated the best players.  So checkers continued to be popular amongst the people all over the world where different versions of the games are played by them in order to entertain themselves in the best way.  


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Children’s Book Review and more!

Buddee and Board Games


ABOUT BUDDEE the story
ABOUT KYLE the character

Kyle love of games, not any games in particular broad games; he is somewhat a of an introvert  
Buddee's BFF Kyle has been friends for years since about 3 years-old.
Kyle although not directly mentioned in story line has a challenging condition sensitivity to light [sun light]
NOTE:  This happens to be a true condition called Photophobia, or light sensitivity, is an intolerance of light
“Sources such as sunlight, fluorescent light and incandescent light all can cause discomfort, along with a need to squint or close your eyes. Headaches also may accompany light sensitivityLight-sensitive people sometimes are bothered only by bright light.”

Courtesy: All about vision

Another reason one may have sensitivity to the sun
Sun allergy is a term often used to describe a number of conditions in which an itchy red rash occurs on skin that has been exposed to sunlight. The most common form of sun allergy is polymorphic light eruption, also known as sun poisoning.
Some people have a hereditary type of sun allergy. Others develop signs and symptoms only when triggered by another factor — such as a medication or skin exposure to a plant such as wild parsnip or limes.
Mild cases of sun allergy may clear up without treatment. More severe cases may be treated with steroid creams or pills. People who have a severe sun allergy may need to take preventive measures and wear sun-protective clothing.

Courtesy: The Mayo Clinic

So Kyle spends a lot of time indoors. During that time he learned to play lots of board games. Through, the years he has come quite good at board games and loves the game.
Especially Checkers and Chess
Kyle, love and excitement for the game eagerly, shares it with a very reluctant Buddee; who prefers to be outdoors running about. Differences, positive difference makes for a good beginning.
And so that is how it came about Buddee and Kyle playing indoor games and checkers. And Buddee having played and won a few more games than Kyle the master at the game gave Buddee the title: The Checker King.

As one critic states “How we can overcome differences by finding common ground.”

Seven Reasons how Board Games Bond Parents with Children and Build Character and Confidence

If you are a parent, you must strive to bond your relationship with your kid[s], as this is the primary foundation that sensitizes mutual social and intellectual growth. You can achieve this result only by spending dedicated and quality time with them. In the current scenario, distractions like Facebook, Whatsup, the Internet and the like, are most likely to become impediments in your relationship with your children, because your physical presence may not justify your mental absence from the scene, thereby reversing the effect of the exercise. To nurture such a special bonding, you may, at times, have to get down to the floor and play like them. For slightly older kids, Board Games may represent the best way of bonding with them. Let us look for Seven Reasons how Board Games Bond Parents with Children and Build Character and Confidence.

1.   Quality Time
Several good reasons support playing board games with your children. Primarily, the quality time you spend with great attention invokes great pleasure in them. This uninterrupted session helps you to exchange emotional signals that could well turn out as the firmest base for your bonding. You can add as many family members in the game as you want; it will only enhance the joyous environment, leading to an improvement in your kids’ relationship with the other members of the family, as well. For example, playing the game of Chutes and Ladders everyone in your family, irrespective of age, can play this game, which will create a fun filled ambience all around. To include games as Checkers and Dominoes that will appeals as well to the older child.
2.   Inculcating Rational Behavior in Children
The next points that you would do well to initiate are to teach your children the basic principles and rules that we, as human beings, are supposed to inculcate in them for molding a better character. Such games offer them an opportunity to take turns and face the diverse challenges that crop up all the time. It overcomes their fear of taking responsibility because they have already gotten accustomed to facing risks in the board games. They also adapt to the taste the sweetness of triumph as well as the bitterness of failure. Most parents interfere, and let their kids win every single game, but that is negative to their interests. You must educate them on how to be a graceful loser, and at the same time, teach them to compliment the winner. Though it will take time, you should go slowly at first, teach these rules in skillful and casual ways, rather than enforcing those on them. You can play games like Zingo or Bingo with your kids to impart some of these values. Encourage them to win, but also teach them about the sporting spirit of being a graceful loser. Another game that you can enjoy with your whole family is the tricky and fun filled game of colored Zingo cards and small plastic chips.
3.   Grasping the Basics
It will surprise you to know  how  soon your kids, by the age of 3 or 4, will learn so many new things with alacrity, from these board games, like color identification, counting, alphabets, directions and the like,  . You can teach them many things through the medium of effortless and  fun filled board games, which you find difficult to teach in normal ways, one of which is the First Orchid board game, where  your young toddler learns to play with different colored fruits, saving them before the raven eat them. This game is apt for the kids aged 2 and above and introduces them to the world of colors, fruits and games.
4.  Develop Self-Esteem and Confidence
Playing board games helps your children to overcome their shyness. Many kids at the age of 2 or 3 are very shy about opening up to others, sometimes even to their own parents. Playing such board games will help them to enhance their self -esteem, when they realize they can understand the colors, names of the objects or the concept of the game. “Roll and Play” board games are ideal, because the kids toss the die with a different color on each side. You then prod your child to take a card of the same color that turns up on the top portion of the exposed die, and continue to ask them to perform simple commands appearing on those cards, like acting, recounting the names of body parts, counting, expressing emotion, etc. Such activities will help them to overcome their fear in front of others and boost their confidence.
5.   Cognitive Development
The cognitive development of your kids comes next. Board games help you continually to evaluate your kid’s developing knowledge and talent. Most of the board games include some sort of challenges like color recognition, calculation or pattern arrangement, where your kids get a chance to show their skill and smartness. One such game, which kids can learn or develop their abilities with, is Hi Ho Cherry-O, in which the scope of motor development is high, as the kids are required to place the pieces of fruits carefully onto the board. It also introduces your child to take turns in games.
6.  Sharpens Their Intelligence
Try to teach them some concentration and patience, and at the same time, sharpen their wits. You have some board games suitable for pre-teens. At this age, they are better adapted to increasing their IQ level. You can consider playing board games like Chess or Scrabble for this purpose. They are really games for brain development. Playing these games with your kids can improve their thinking level, thereby making them sharp and focused.
7.  Teamwork
Last but not the least, board games calling for a team effort are a great option to help inculcate the spirit of coordination with others. Play games like Flash Point Fire Rescue board game, and your kid will learn to cooperate with others and understand the importance of teamwork. This will stand him in good stead in the future.


Do you play board games? It proves to be an interesting game that is played in many countries where it is drawn in the sand and then played with pebbles as counters that does not use dice in this game. When it comes to the history of board games, the first use dates back to prehistoric times of over 7000 years where these board games was found in Iran in 5500 BC. It should be noted that it was in tombs where many old games have been found.

MY PAL BUDDEE, Children’s book -  Kyle absolutely loves board games!

A bit of trivia – Did you know?

It was in the early 3000BC that Egyptians used mud gaming boards. It was in an Egyptian tomb that showed 2 players with pegs headed with either wolfs or dogs in 2800BC. It was found that due to the use of dice, both skill as well as luck was involved in this game.
It has been believed that it was in 1400BC that Palamades of Greece invented the dice. If you thought that dices was always in the form of cube then you are wrong as it was not always made in this shape as in Egypt the stone dice which was used in 250BC were 10 sided. It was also found of a tubular shape that was made from Ivory where it had marks like the numbers one, two, and three on one side where it was spaced much apart with ornamental lines.

It was suggested by Eastanthius of Greece in 1193 BC to make sure of stopping cheats who made the dice with the number “ones.”  It can be mentioned that flat sticks were used prior to the use of dice where it was marked in numbers. It was also found that at times, the dice was colored or made use of symbols as well. It was in 43AD after the arrival of the Romans that the story of games in Britain began. The game of Tabula was played by the Romans that was quite similar to the modern games of Backgammon in the same way.

It was after the Romans left that few board games existed from this period.  The board game of Hnefatafl was introduced by the Vikings in 400AD.  It can be noted here that chess and dice were played by the lords and courtiers in their castles. It was found that it was sitting under the trees that people played board-games between 1133 and 1300AD.  It was “The Mansion of Happiness” which was the first board game that was manufactured in the USA. It was found that this board games made big business with the best use of improved printing as well as production techniques. In the year 1878 J.W. Spears formed his company where 114 different board games were listed in their 1910 catalogue. So this proved to be very important where Chad Valley was formed in the year 1897 by the Parker Brothers.

The board games had to fight competition after the Second World War as there were also lots of other forms of leisure interest that was found such as Radio and Television. It was found that manufacturers began to produce board games which were based on popular Radio and TV program where in the year 1950, scrabble was invented.  In order to promote and advertise different products, board games have been used as free gifts.
Just a bit of = TRIVIA
What’s your favorite board game[s]?

Being a generic gaming device, Dominoes is like playing cards and dice. It is played by simply building blocks where one needs to assemble in innumerable ways that ranges from simple to complex where the gameplay is found to be almost mechanical ranging to games that require strategy and skill in the best way. It can be mentioned that was from dice that the game of Dominoes evolved. When it comes to the set of Chinese Dominoes it is found to contain all the possible combinations which also includes duplicate. On the other hand the unique rolls are used in European Dominoes.  It has been believed that it was in China that the games of Dominoes originated in the 12th century. It was also seen that in the early 18th century that Dominoes appeared in Italy and then went on to spread to the rest of Europe.

If you are someone who has still not played the game of Dominoes, then you should try to have the right knowledge. When it comes to the gameplay, this game of Dominoes is played by two or four persons where there are 28 pieces of ivory, oblong along with plain at the back. A black line in the middle has been divided on the face like double-ace, five-blank, double-deuce, six blank, double-six and so on.  Sometimes it can be seen that a double set is played where the highest happens to be the double twelve.  The dominoes are well mixed when the game commences. It is also seen that the faces are downwards where each player needs to draw one. It is after this that seven pieces are taken at random by each player. When the eldest hand laid down one, at the end of the piece, the next must pair him and that too according to the number of black or pips in the compartment of the piece.  If it is found that none of the party is able to match the part, the party that has put down the domino or unpaired, he says, ‘Go.’ Thus this game is then played alternately until a particular party has been able to play all his pieces.  So this is played until the game is own or blocked either.

There is an advantage of the player when playing this game where he can try to dispossess himself with the use of all heavy pieces like double four, five and six.  Thus it proves to be a very interesting game that makes it an exciting one as well. This is the reason why it has become very popular amongst the players and that too within a very short period of time. It has been known that Domino appeared to have derived from the tile black dots on a white background traditionally. It is reminiscent of a kind of food, ‘Domino’ which is found to be worn by Christian priests.

It has also been found that this interesting game of Dominoes is played worldwide. But it has been found that it is more popular in Latin America. It is also important to note that Dominoes are considered to be the national games when it comes to many Caribbean countries. One can also find that there are Dominoes tournaments that are held annually in many countries with great rejoice and excitement. 

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Coming soon- The History of Checkers