Thursday, October 27, 2016


Hello again, here are a few interesting books I enjoyed and would like to share with you  called The Magic Paintbrush, The Loosey Goosey Tooth, and For a Pipeline to the Coast-For Teens and Young Adults

Title: The Magic Paintbrush

A Middle –Grade Fantasy Story-tale

By Lois Winston

About imagination, winter, fantasy, differences, and family, this is a wonderfully funny -good read!

This was an amazing book to read excellent for middle grade students the story draws you in and at times you can resonate more with it. If living in areas where snow storms are a factor, the imagination of the grandmother is endless what a wonderful read. With laughter and wonder the story draws you, ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ also addresses the issue of differences, “in this case, a kingdom that is all pink at war with a kingdom that is all blue!” What an imaginatively good read indeed!


Title: The Loosey Goosey Tooth
Adorable bedtime SPB/ ‘Picture story book’
By Akirashanti Byrd,
About a loose tooth, friends, patience and more!

I enjoyed this colorful book. What I most loved about the book was how the concept of patience and self –control was nicely blended into the story for any child and at any age. It is a wonderful educational and fun!
Her website or link:

Guillaume Boisset
Title: For a Pipeline to the Coast
For Teens and Young Adults
By Guillaume Boisset
Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy with a twist in Technical and Engineering Fiction
This book “For a Pipeline to the Coast” based in Canada takes the reader on a journey to several locations. Without a technical, engineering or science background one can still enjoy the details that are expressed in this novel. The twist and turns this story take from Neir and her relationship with her mother to Alex sometimes subtle OCD tendencies to  the construction of a pipeline underground, the excessive  and callous greed of corporations, and much more a book that can be read in one sitting but enjoyed over hours. It educates the reader about a new technology and the technology terminology used  as well and its  impact.
Great work by the author details real and fiction- Good read!
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