Sunday, January 8, 2017

Reading Books: Children –Parents- Guardians

·         Reading Books:   Children –Parents- Guardians
·          Bond while reading and helps to prepare them for the many challenges of life.


Parents are increasingly busy, and often struggle to find enough time to read a story to their children. But knowing the benefits of this simple activity can encourage them to find time in their busy schedules. Reading stories to children is more important than it seems. In addition to helping to address reading, reading allows children to structure their thinking, while enjoying it, and not as a school exercise. Only human beings are capable of telling stories. Our lives are woven stories. It is important to tell stories to kids, even short ones, because these micro stories make everyday a shared adventure, fun trivia and enables children to blossom in their own thoughts. 
Here are the three reasons why stories are so important for kids:

·         Stimulate the imagination and language
The stories read to children help them develop different skills or recognize activities that they like to perform. Children learn from different children’s stories it awakens the imagination and fantasy in them. School and homework stories aid to develop a child’s imagination by presenting new ideas into their world – ideas about fantastical worlds, planets, different facts in time and allow the child to invent an array of characters.
It adds new words to their vocabulary and different expressions. Children develop a passion for reading. Reading is very significant to learning something new every day, and what better way to acquire this habit is engaging in story telling in childhood reading. With constant reading children's talents will be developed, with ethical acquire knowledge provided by the narrated stories.

·         The Children -Parent – Guardian bond will be stronger and will help prepare them for the many challenges of life.
The connection that links parents and kids will be much stronger thanks to reading  children’s books, that they have read together, have laughed at the same whimsical things and in awe and amazement with the same events. Children’s stories show smooth and hard factors - that life is not as simple as we would like, and that there will be contemporary events that are not to our taste – like eating vegetables or early bedtime, brushing our teeth, washing hands before meals, the loss of a family member or friend… These children full fictional characters and animals stories show us that it is in our hands - to make a difference in our everyday lives.

·         Children learn the values and morals - of being good and helping others.
In fairy tales there are always good and bad, and the good guys always win while the bad guys always lose.  Children will be aware of the different morals that such stories can teach, from not talking to strangers, asking permission to play certain computer games,   making the new person in class feel welcome, accepting and understanding children with special qualities  or needs and helping others.
It is helpful for parents to ask their children what they learned with each story-tale. 
These presented are just a few of the reasons  – the dynamics of being hands on with your child  telling engaging fun  fascinating stories that not only is entertaining for them but teaches valuable lessons  as well as building memories of quality time spent listening and reading together.

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