Sunday, July 2, 2017


Fireworks Safety Month (June 1-July 4)

To educate those using fireworks on the dangers and injuries that can result from careless behavior.
Be careful- Be safe!

June 1 until July 4th marks the beginning of

National Fireworks Safety Month

Use Fireworks Responsibly to Avoid Injury

When using fireworks, it always necessary to be cautious, because of the severity of the injuries they can cause.
Burns on the hand are the most common, because the hand is always closest to them. These injuries can range from minor burns, to blisters, to severe burns that cause excessive damage to the skin. Hand injuries can also include cuts, broken bones, torn tendons, and in the worst possible occurrence, amputation. These injuries are the result of standing too close when a firework explodes, or trying to hold onto them as they are lit.
Eye and face injuries are also common, because of the particles that fly through the air after one has exploded. Hearing loss is also suffered by some users, due to the loud bang when the fireworks explode. Sometimes this is only temporary, but it can be permanent, and is caused by standing too close when the firework detonates.
When using fireworks, it is best to follow a few simple rules to keep everyone safe from harm.  Be sure to read and follow all directions before using them.
·         Children should never be allowed to handle fireworks.
·         When lighting fireworks, put on safety glasses to protect the eyes.
·         Only use fireworks outside in an open area.
·         Keep a bucket of water nearby at all times to soak duds with, and do not try to relight them.
·         Don’t light fireworks in any type of container, and never carry them in a pocket, because the friction of movement can cause them to light.
·         Keep a first aid kit handy, and if serious injury is suffered, seek medical attention.
Perhaps most important, never mix alcohol and fireworks.

Have fun and be safe!

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