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CPR & AED Awareness Week (June 1-7) 

Fireworks Safety Month (June 1-July 4)

Safety Month

June Flower(s) and Fruit(s) and Veggies/Vegetables
Direct slowing:  Celendula, Candytuft, Larkspur, and Limnanthes

Veggies/vegetables:  Broccoli, carrots, kale seeds, chicory, and more

CPR & AED Awareness Week 
(June 1-7) 
American Heart Association
American Red Cross
American Health & Safety Institute

National Safety Council

My motto as a Regional Instructor Trainer [retired]  
“If your loved one is choking - would you know what to do?”
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation = CPR

Steps: Compression, airway, and breathing used when a person is not breathing, the heart is not beating,
or heart attack, or strokes [the blood flow to a section of the brain stops.]

It’s good for parents and those caring for the elderly to take a course in CPR it helps as a first response to care for children choking whether on food or items placed in the mouth.
And for adults as well, to take a course in CPR, for you may encounter a conscious choking adult from food items or experiencing breathing problems that can occur, in addition to a heart attack.
AED [Automated External Defibrillation] located many facilities are available and used in cases of a heart attack.

With the warmer weather upon us now as always is a great time to update you skills or take a course for the first time!
Find a facility near you and register for an!
Child or
Adult course


If the person:
Becomes unconscious or is unconscious
Experiencing chest pain or pressure
Severe bleeding
Stomach pain or pressure
Vomiting blood
Passing blood
Has slurred speech
Severe headache
Or seizures
Has been poisoned
Injury to head back or neck
Broken bones or possible broken bones,
As always when in doubt call EMS [Emergency Medical Services] [911] and provide as much data as possible about the situation and the location.

ASHI - Health & Safety Institute

National Safety Council - Our Mission is Safety

American Heart Association - Building healthier lives, free of ...

Children’s Book 
Title: Tooty the Tiger


Wonderful bedtime stories

While enjoying these wonderful, colorful and delight bedtime stories, children are learning important life lessons on morals and values.  This cute 5 story book adventures has lessons that keep kids entertained while learning; it opens up and starts a conversation with small children on having:
  • ·         Physical challenges but not allowing that challenge to prevent you from trying new things.  
  • ·         Not to be boastful as her older brother was and
  • ·         Showing kindness and being helpful toward others
  • ·         And other morals and values the story touches on!

It is a fantastic manner in which the author presents the 5 stories, and at the end there are fun activities to do puzzles, and some jokes.  
Good read for ages 3-10.

To learn more about the author and other books

Title:  The Perfect Birthday
By Celestine Greene, Author    Clarence G. Moore, Illustrator

A colorful delightful story of a little girl who couldn’t decide what she wanted for her big day- her birthday! While at the mall with her mom and cousin she sees a lovable cuddly and adorable puppy.

Pets are always a good story to read to small children and this is a wonderful story for children with pets and those deciding to get one, it opens the conversation up on the responsibility of caring for a pet and the cost to maintain it.

What an adventurous and charming book for children ages 3-8.

To learn more about the author and other books

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