Tuesday, December 13, 2016


With sincere regret and the saddened loss

This is to announce the untimely passing of
ROSS - My Pet Fish
Monday December 12, 2016

I smile at your memory
Remembering when I first saw you
Seem so - so long ago
It’s been a re-learning experience
One I’m grateful to have had encountered
  Learning to be concerned for someone in my home
Not just a transitory visitor who stops in
But someone there 
To look, watch, feed
And smile at
Thanks Russ- my pet fish
For that
As you now go onto
Rainbow Pet Palace
                                                        By VKM

You may say, “This is not an appropriate blog to post at this time of the year” but I beg to differ.
Holidays are a time when so many children and adults have more feelings of melancholy. Then most times of the year because many are thinking about loved ones.
So as much as we want to keep things high energy and positive, it’s important to check and see just how the person or child is feeling. We can’t always place a bandage on the problem or issues. We must address them as well.

Feel free to share: Thoughts, Opinions, Ideas,  etc.…
All the best to you
Stay positive
Stay focus!


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