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Two young boys disagreed about what to play, and whether to play indoors or outdoors.  My Pal Buddeea children book for ages: 6- 8, transcends upward to 6-11 years old. The premise: friendship, differences whether a game, taste in foods, or a disability and sharing while playing a fun board game.


Book Review Features:

  • Fun is even better when shared with a friend
  • A perfect story book for kids of age 6 to 11 that emphasizes that sharing is merry and jolly.
  • It will help to improve early reading skills, word building, and vocabulary and sentence formation.
  • It creates interest in board games especially for the children who prefer options to playing outdoors.
  • In addition to teaching the importance of friends with different interests and how to accept others uniqueness.
  • Theme Objectives:  Word Building Skills, Sharing, Differences and Friendship, Disability and Imagination playing, Trivia games, and Word puzzle, Fun!    
Available in PRINT   Debut June 9, 2016

Buddee tal vez sea sólo un niño de seis años, pero la curiosidad de su mente y la energía de su espíritu son ilimitadas. Es un niño al que le gusta estar en la calle, donde disfruta corriendo y jugando. Sin embargo, a su mejor amigo, Kyle, le encanta los juegos de mesa. Kyle está empeñado en mostrarle su propio estilo de divertirse. Buddee siempre está dispuesto a aprender cosas nuevas, ¿surgirá un enfrentamiento y un conflicto o terminarán jugando juntos?
Acompaña a Buddee y Kyle en este excepcional libro ilustrado, y sé testigo de cómo aprenden de las diferencias, mediante el intercambio y la amistad.   
English version= Buddee may be only a six year old child, but his curious mind and energetic spirit are limitless. He is an outdoor sort of kid at heart who loves to run and play. While his best friend Kyle, absolutely loves board games. Kyle is set on showing him his own version of fun. Buddee is always eager to learn new things, will there be a clash, conflict or will the two play together?
Join Buddee and Kyle in this unique picture book as they learn differences, sharing and friendship.   

Imagination and adventure looking at things and how it works in the world around you.
What goes hand-in-hand children and games, did you also know that some games can lead to learning adventures?
                               Can You Guess What I Am?                        Ages: 2-7
Can You Guess What I Am is aimed to effectively blend both concepts. Targeted for children between the ages of 2 -7 years old, this interactive book presents the questions in fun and exciting ways to engage your child. By establishing questions aimed to kindle their imagination and call into focus their skill set, this book will challenge them and inspire them to look at the world around them in a whole new way!
Join us- grab a seat for fun filled hours with your child as they Learn and Grow!

Activity Book Series

Words and Games Activity Book Series: Learn and Grow, low price of $2.99 a great deal and fun facts, activities, games, puzzles, shapes and colors for kids not yet starting school. A good practice for kids improves word and math building skills prior to kindergarten with an answer key and glossary at the end of each book.




Basic tools and skills to grow, develop, and enhance learning.

               ‘Words and Games Activity Book Series’

This unique picture and activity book enhances their learning and math skills. Ideal for toddler’s in Pre- School and those not yet started!

Age range: Pre-School to Kindergarten [3 -5 years old], and upward to 3- 6 years old 

‘Words and Games Activity Book Series’ this fun-filled book can be a highly suitable medium for introducing children to the world of alphabets, shapes, as well as games. It will be an added enhancement to children’s learning skills in the beginning stages of school such as numbers, words and sentences easily.

Additionally, the book also lays a strong foundation for developing math skill in the children. Children love to learn through playing and so, parents and educators can see visible results when they observe improved vocabulary, and development of skills in word building and sentence formation in their children. 


Book Features:
Mastery of basic math skills
Easy reader and word building skills
Games: Puzzles, brain teasers, logic games, and more...
Engaging material to help and keep young children busy
 with fun, learning,   colors and shapes

This series of mini workbooks has several themes that introduce your child to the world of numbers, colors, alphabets, shapes and much more. At the end, your child will be thrilled to get an answer key and an encouraging certificate.

The aim is to emphasize three key points: reading skills, focused on helping children to develop math and vocabulary skills, through practice and reinforcement. Suitable for an age level of 3    


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