Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A brief discussion about Buddee

What is the premise behind My Pal Buddee?

The Buddee and Kyle story came together from my love of board games in particular
Checkers and Chess

The story of the characters are much different, Kyle is a kid with a disability but is not directly mentioned in the story. Only that he loves board games. Actually Kyle is a wiz at board games of all kind. Because he is indoors it gives him even more of an edge to learn all he could about board games. Whereas, his friend Buddee an outdoorsy kid he loves nature and sports. Buddee is aware of Kyle being an indoor kid but it hasn’t changed their friendship at all. Kyle is showing Buddee the fun of board games while Buddee is teaching Kyle an indoor -outdoor game played indoors. What game is that you ask- stay tuned to hear more about the author and Buddee!

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